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Chippewa Falls Picture

Chippewa Falls

Small town feel with big City ideas. Downtown area boast great shops, Taverns, Hotel, Restaurants, Micro Breweries and Leinenkugels. Enjoy the Irvine zoo or 1,200 acre Lake Wissota!

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Bloomer Picture


Host to specialty merchants known for breads, pies and meats. This Small community is centered around beautiful lake Como, has several parks and walking trails. Famous for the classic Annual Speed Jump-rope competition and host to growing agricultural.

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Eau Claire Picture

Eau Claire

This University city has it all. River, Gorgeous bike trails, Luxurious spas, Parks full of Nature, variety of Restaurants/bars and lodging. Unlimited shopping, Arts and culture with a great music scene.

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Menomonie Picture


Located only an hour east of Minneapolis-St Paul area, Menomonie is home to historic architecture, Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, first rate restaurants, and a large selection of locally owned shops.

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